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In this support article you can read how you can ask questions to Booking Experts through chat and email.

1. Chat
2. Email
3. Guidelines

If you have any questions, please ask our team. If you ask your questions clearly, we're able to respons very quickly. We've written this article so we ensure that you receive an answer as quickly as possible.


We are happy to respond your questions via the chat. In more than 90% of the time we respond within 20 minutes. We are as clear as possible, so that you can continue with your work.


Would you prefer to receive an answer by email so that you can read it back at a time that suits you? Then choose the option to email us. We respond here as quickly as possible too: often within 20 minutes.


Here are some simple guidelines that you can use to compose your question.
Do you have a question? Search among our support articles.
If the question has been asked to us before, we've already written a support article about this. Search on a keyword instead of a complete sentence to get the largest possible result on your search. For instance: search on arrival day instead of I want to block an arrival day.
Chat or e-mail with us from the page to which the question relates.
This way we immediately see what you are doing and what goes wrong. Then continue with your work, we know where the question arose and we can provide an answer from there.
Tell us what you want to achieve through which action.
Always try to make clear in your question what you want to do and why that does not work.
Support your answer with links to the pages, screenshots or other media.
We can help you faster if we exactly know what your problem is. What error message do you get? With which reservation? You can easily add an invoice number or a link or screenshot to the error page.
Ask a maximum of one question per message.
Sometimes we receive a message with ten different questions. This causes a lot of delay in formulating an answer and may even lead to irritation for you as a user. Do you have a question, uncertainty or doubts? Ask your question directly and do not wait for a 'suitable' moment when you send us 10 questions at the same time. We like short lines, quick responses and clear solutions.
We're ready to help you with all your questions!
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