Screen sharing

In this support article you will read how to share your screen with us with several tools.
It can be useful to share the screen. What do we mean by that? We look at your screen from a distance or you look at our screen.There are various tools available to share the screen. We use the following tools:

Google Hangouts

The easiest way of screen sharing. We will send an e-mail to you and you can watch from there.
1. Open the e-mail and click on the button for Participate in the meeting;
2. Log in to Google;
3. Choose Participate in a meeting again;
4. You are now watching our screen.


You can watch our screen via GoToMeeting.
1. Go to the following website:;
2. We will let you know the Meeting ID. You enter this and then choose To meeting;
3. You can choose the Join the web option so that you can watch online and you do not have to install a program;
4. Then you look with us on our screen.

Team viewer

With this program we can watch with your screen. You must download and install the program.
1. Download Team viewer for your operating system;
2. Follow the instructions on your screen and TeamViewer will start automatically;
3. If you see the screen below, TeamViewer has been successfully installed;

4. Please let us know that the installation was successful. We then help with setting up the screen sharing.

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