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In this support article you will read what the keyboard shortcuts are you can use within Booking Experts.

Within Booking Experts you can make use of a number of keyboard shortcuts:

1. General keyboard shortcuts
2. Keyboard shortcuts planning board

General keyboard shortcuts

  • Refresh page
    Mac: CMD + R
    Windows: CRTL + R
  • Search on page
    Mac: CMD + F
    Windows: CTRL + F
  • Open search field
    Mac: SHIFT + S
    Windows: SHIFT + S
Keyboard Shortcuts Booking Experts
  • Switching between administrations
    Mac: SHIFT + P
    Windows: SHIFT + P
Keyboard Shortcuts Booking Experts

Keyboard shortcuts planning board

  • Menu
    Show chat: C
    Show/hide keyboard shortcuts: ?
    Show/hide legend: L
    Show/hide settings: S
  • Planning board
    Show/hide accommodation filters: F
    Search bookings: /
    Undo interaction: BACKSPACE
    Repeat interaction: SHIFT + BACKSPACE
    Show park menu: P
    Search accommodation: Z
  • Display mode
    Show standard display: SHIFT + 1
    Show payments & tasks: SHIFT + 2
    Show presence: SHIFT + 3
  • Accommodation filters
    Select rental segment: 1
    Select type: 2
    Select labels: 3
    Select features: 4
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