Purpose of labels

A label alerts the user to important matters concerning the various modules and data within Booking Experts. For example, you could give the label 'loyal guest' to guests who have stayed for the fourth time, or the label 'renovated' to rentals that have been refurbished. You can create these labels yourself and give them a desired colour and emoji. This support article explains more about the different labels within Booking Experts.

Labels are for internal use only, so owners and guests cannot see these labels.

Guest labels

You can label different types of guests or guests with any sort of particularity, so that you can tailor your service to the guest's needs as much as possible. For example, you can add the label 'blacklist' to guests you would rather not welcome again at your park. More about adding guest labels, can be found in this support article.

Rental labels

A rental label can quickly highlight features or amenities of an object. This makes choosing a rental for specific reservations easier. You can think of labels based on location - near the playground, in the forest - or based on amenities - pet-free, sauna, hot tub. You can read more about adding rental labels in this support article.

Owner labels

An owner label can quickly highlight characteristics or preferences of an owner. This allows you to easily store special information about your different owners, such as the type of commission agreement or the agreements that were made regarding cleaning and garden maintenance. More about adding owner labels, can be found here.

Reservation labels

You can label a reservation because, for example, something needs to be prepared before arrival. By adding a label to it, you are reminded of this. Think for example of the label 'something to celebrate' or 'honeymoon', where guests have made a reservation for a special reason. More information on reservation labels can be found here.


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