Rental label

A rental label can easily show you the features and amenities of a rental. This makes it easier to make specific reservations based on your guests' wishes. In this article it will be explained how to create rental labels and why this is useful.

Rental labels are only for internal use. Guests do not have the ability to review them. This also means that they cannot be used as filter options in the Search & Book.

Creating a new rental label

New rental labels can be created in the submenu labels, within the 'setup' tab. Here you give the labels a name, emoji, symbol, and color. Simultaneously, you can also edit or archive existing labels.

Adding a label to a rental

You can add rental labels to a rental by opening the specific rental and clicking on the small pencil next to 'no labels' - or next to the already added labels. After that, you can add a label by filling in the name or clicking on the right label in the dropdown menu. This way, you can easily add multiple rental labels at the same time.

Labels are very useful when making specific reservations. You can label rentals based on their location - close a playground, close to a sanitair building, at the beach etc. - or based on their amenities - no pets allowed, bathtub in the bathroom, airconditioning etc.

Rental labels and overviews

Next to the functionality of rental labels when making a specific reservation, you can also use rental labels when creating overviews. This way, you can easily export an overview of all rentals with a sauna or of all rentals that have a private parking spot. The other way around, you can also create overviews of rentals without a certain label, meaning you can not only see which rentals are recently renovated, but also which rentals still need to be updated.

You can also create labels about, for example, the status of an object: 'permanent occupancy', 'for sale through..' or 'long lease'.


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