Editing rental setup

This article explains how to change the setup of one specific accommodation. If you wish to edit the setup of all rentals from a certain type, you are probably looking for this support article.

Editing the setup of one specific rental

You can edit the setup of a rental by opening the tab setup within the specific rental. Here, you can choose to edit the current setup or create a new setup. If you only want to make a minor change to the setup, you can edit the current setup by clicking on the bold date under "active from".

You can choose for the button +new setup if you wish to take the rental out of rent. By adding a new setup, you are still able to view the old setup and agreements at any time.

Besides editing or adding rental amenities, you can also edit the following setup settings:

  • The date from which the rental is active
  • Whether pets are allowed or not
  • Whether the rental is for rent or not
  • To which type the the rental belongs

Sometimes you want to change a setup, but you get a notification saying that the reservations must be completely within a single for-rental setup. In most cases, this is because the reservations were imported from another system. To fix this error, you will need to move the start date of the current setup to a date in the past. This date should be before the date of the first reservation. If there is a reservation on the date of change, you will need to choose a date when the reservation checks in or out.

Are you editing the setup of specific rentals because of a renovation or restyle? Then you might be interested in adding the label recently renovated. This way, you can easily create an overview of which rentals are renovated or not. More information about rental labels can be found here (add).


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