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Within Booking Experts we work with types. For example, if you have five of the same luxury chalets with a sauna, you can create them as one type. You then only have to enter the photos and prices once. Once you have created the type, you can create the accommodations (or: the individual objects).

1. Create type
2. Add media
3. Edit type
4. Archive type
5. Type and roomlayout
6. Type and ID-number
7. FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Note: Only if all four of the conditions below are met, the type will be visible in the search & book.

  • Type created; 
  • At least one photo added; 
  • Prices entered; 
  • At least one active accommodation associated with the type.

Create type

1. Go to the tab  Setup;
2. In the right sub menu, click  Types;
3. Subsequently, click  New;
4. Filter the rental segment you want to create a type for (if you only have one rental segment, there is no choice);
5. Select the  Terms and conditions applicable to this type;
6. If  Module Host/hostess has been created, you can upload a picture of the host/hostess of the type here;
7. Tick if you want to  highlight this type on the website.

Note: The feature Highlighted can only be used when ParkCMS is used in addition to Booking Experts. You can highlight types on the website. In search results, the highlighted types will be displayed larger. It is also possible to use a widget to highlight these specific types in an overview.


8. Fill in the name of the type;
9. Make a short description (for the search results);
10. If you want to, enter unique selling points of this type;

Note: These are not the filter features in the search & book. Unique features are properties that you can't really express in a generic list of features (which you can filter on). They are so specific that they are likely to occur only once, such as a jacuzzi or private pool. See below an example of unique features.

11. Fill in a detailed description of the type.

More information: If applicable, you can enter the foreign translation by clicking the flag.

Description new type

12. Fill in the invoice details:

  • Invoicing details. Here's a free entry text box you could use to mention for example there are certain costs on the park that have to be paid or certain conditions apply;
  • Do not invoice the rent. When ticked, the rent will be visible for the visitor, so he does know how much the rent is, but the visitor doesn't pay the rent. This can, for example, be arranged by the owner himself the moment the booking is made. The rent will be mentioned on the invoice as an item that still has to be paid;
  • Ledger account. Determine on which ledger account the rent should be paid.
Invoice information new type

13. Fill in the maximum number of people and pets. Under  About the group you can indicate the maximum number of people, babies and pets. Use the first line to specify the total number of maximally allowed people. On this line you always will need to check all seniors, adults, youths and children. On the lines below you can enter more specific information, optionally per age category.

Maximum number of people

14.Here you set the number of beds, showers, toilets, bathers, bedrooms etc for the type.

15. Indicate the details:

  • If applicable, a Reference code;
  • The minimum number of nights bookable for this type;
  • The maximum number of persons;
  • The maximum number of pets;
  • If different from the establishment of the park, which region the park is located;
  • If deviating arrival and departure times are applicable, you can overwrite those here and the times will be copied on the booking confirmation;
  • Is late check-out allowed, and if so, until what time?
  • Can guests make a reservation today, and if so: until what time? This is an institution because for you need time for cleaning, for example.
New type details

16. For each type, indicate the features applicable to all accommodations connected to this type. You'll read all about it over here;
17. Click  add type to create the type.

Characteristics new type
In the overview you immediately get a good picture of the data entered. You can enter the other details in the tabs. To see a type in the search & book, the following things must also be done:

Add media

Below you can read how the media of the types works.

Add images

Images can be dragged from the desktop to the box for the images. It is also possible to upload images by clicking in the box. You can select multiple pictures simultaneously and upload these at once. 

You can tag pictures you've added, or are going to add, to a type for summer, winter or the whole year. If you tag pictures for summer, these will be shown first when the visitor books between march 1st and november 30th. When the visitor books between december 1st and march 1st, the winter pictures will be shown first. 

By hovering over the   image, you will have the opportunity to tag the picture for summer, winter or the whole period by clicking one of three options.

tag picture

Change order of photos

You can change the order by dragging the images. By clicking on View in front office you can immediately see how this type is displayed.


Note: It's best to place photos in the highest possible resolution. Booking Experts reduces the photos to a maximum of 2048px at 2048px.

Youtube video

Paste the entire URL link of the youtube video in the available address bar. If you want to use a separate video for summer or winter, you can select at the top and paste a new link.


Add attachments

You can add attachments that you would like to include in an auto email. Let's say, for example, that you've got different arrival information per type. You can add it here. The attachment for the used type will be used for the auto email upon sending the mail.

Edit type

1. Go to tab  Setup;
2. In the right sub menu, choose  types;
3.  Select the type you wish to amend by clicking on the name;
4. In the overview you can edit the photos and prices or look at accommodations;
5. In order to edit the text or the number of nights/guests, click on  edit.

Edit type

Archive type

An accommodation type can only be archived in case there are no active accommodations (for rent) linked to it.

1. Go to tab  Setup;
2. In the right sub menu, choose  types;
3.  Select the right type you wish to amend by clicking on the name;
4. In the overview you can edit the photos and prices or look at accommodations;
5. Click on  Archive.


If you cannot select this button, you will have to make sure that accommodations that are still for rent will be marked as out of rent. After this, the button will be active and you can archive this type.

Type and roomlayout

For an accommodation type you can create a room lay out so that the visitor gets an idea how the accommodation is arranged. For this lay out it is necessary that the module  Room lay out is activated. Do you not have this module but you would like to use it? Please contact us.

1. Create a new type or choose the type for which you want to create the lay out;
2. Click on the tab  Floor plan;
3. Click on  Add or on Create your first room;

Accommodation room lay out

4. Specify a floor, for example Ground Floor, First floor, etcetera. If there is a floor missing you can create this immediately;
5. Specify a room type for example Living room, Bedroom, etcetera. If there is a room type missing you can create this immediately;
6. Specify a number or description of the room;
7. Define per category the features which apply to this room;
8. Subsequently, click on  Add room.

Room lay out

If desired you can also create floors and room types in advance.
1. Go via the wheel icon to park settings;
2. Choose floors and/or room types in the sub menu on the right.

Floors and type

Type and ID-number

In the overview of the accommodation types the ID number of the type is displayed. These numbers are required by touroperators in order to link it to Bookingexperts.nl.


FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • Accommodation type is not displayed on the website - Have you filled in an accommodation type and does it not show on the website?
    - Has a picture been added to the type? When no picture has been added, the accommodation type cannot be displayed on the website. If no picture has been added, add it first by editing the accommodation type;
    - Has a pricing list been entered for this type? When no prices have been entered, the type cannot be displayed on the website. If no pricing list was added, fill this in first in order to make this type visible on the website;
    - Has at least one accommodation been linked to the type? When no active accommodations have been linked, the type cannot be booked and the accommodation type is not visible on the website. So make sure there is always one active accommodation linked to this type.

    In case all these points are fulfilled and the accommodation is still not visible at the front office, please contact us.
  • What are the consequences when I migrate a type to another rental segment?

    When you migrate to another rental segment, there are consequences for the applicable cost items. These are no longer applicable and you will therefore have to create them for this type.

    For each rental segment, a tab is created on the site where the types that are linked to the relevant type are displayed. The more different types you use, the more the visitor has to click to see the availability. We therefore advise to use as few rental segments as possible.
    Accommodation type cms
  • Where can I see the YouTube video when I add it to media in an accommodation type?

    When a YouTube video is uploaded under the media type, it will be shown at the bottom of the accommodation description on the accommodation page in the search and book.

    Type YouTube on fo
  • I only want to have my accommodation bookable in the back office and not in the Search & Book, how can I do that?

    If the images of this type are removed, they will no longer be displayed in the Search & Book. Then it can only be booked in the back office. You can edit the Media for this.
  • When I change a type, I get a message: Unique features may contain a maximum of 5 attributes', but I have only entered 5 characteristics.

    When you use automatic translation, the unique characteristics are also translated. The Dutch words are translated into English and/or German. Due to this translation, it may happen that an extra comma is placed in the translations. This is why it is important to click on the English and German flags when you open the type by editing and to reset this to a maximum of 5 'commas'.

  • Where can I see what the minimum number of nights for a specific type is? And if I enter the minimum number of nights, what should I take into account?

    You set the minimum number of nights in the settings of the type. You can find these in the overview of the type. When you create a new type you can set the minimum number of nights by default as 2 nights. You can set this however you wish.

    Please note! It's important to take the price list that you have created for this type into account. The setting of the minimum number of nights influences the price periods that you set. If for example you have a week, midweek and weekend as price periods in Booking Experts for a certain type, then you cannot select two nights in the CMS. Even if the minimum number of nights for this type is set as two.

    If you do offer a price per night and set this in Booking Experts, then it's possible to select two nights for this type in the CMS if there is a minimum of two nights set for this type. If the minimum number of nights for the type is two, then you cannot select one night in the CMS.

    It's also important to take into account the arrival and departure for this type or the general arrival and departure days of the park and/or hotel. This also influences the calendar in the CMS.

    Example: You have set a price per night in Booking Experts and the visitor on the website wants to stay from Monday to Wednesday. The minimum number of nights of the type that this guest wants to book is set as two nights. However, in Booking Experts it's set that Monday isn't an arrival day which means that it's not possible to select this period in the calendar in the CMS. The guest can for example select three nights starting Tuesday.

    Minimum number of nights type
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