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This article explains how to create and import accommodations.

1. Create new accommodation
2. Create accommodation from type
3. Add multiple accommodations at the same time
4. Import accommodations
5. Unique photos

Create new accommodation

Please note: Before you can create an accommodation, it is important that you have created a type. For example:
- Type: 4 person comfort; 
- Accommodations: C5 - 4 persons, C6 - 4 persons and C7 4 - persons.

Here is information for the set-up: 

1. Go to the tab  Setup;
2. Click in the submenu on the right  Accommodations;
3. Make sure that you have correctly set the rental segmen in the category for which you are going to make a new accommodation;
4. Click  New;
5.  Enter the details of the relevant accommodation; 
6. Check the characteristics that apply to this accommodation.Once the accommodation has been created you can see the following items:

  • Availability: here you will find a calender with a planboard specifically for this accommodation.
  • Canceled reservations:here you will find an overview of all canceled reservations on this accommodation.
  • ICal: universal calender link. 
  • Setup: at the setup you can add features that apply to this accommodation. You can also indicate wether pets are allowd in the accommodation. 
  • Owner: if the accommodation is owned by an owner, you can link this here.
  • Meter readings: various meter readings can be tracked. Invoices can also be created for this. 
  • Tasks: if specific tasks have to be created for the accommodation, for example maintenance, this can be mentioned here.

Create accommodation from type

It is also possible to create a new accommodation for the type that this accommodation should be linked to.

1. Go to the tab  Type;
2. Click on the type which you want to create an accommodation for;
3. Click on the tab  Accommodations;
4. Click  New.

Add multiple accommodations at the same time

In addition to creating one accommodation from the type, it is also possible to add multiple accommodations.

1. Go to the tab Setup;
2. Click in the right submenu on Type;
3. Click on the type for which you want to create an accommodation;
4. Click on the tab Accommodations;
5. Click + Add multiple;

6. Set the desired number per accommodation;
7. Determine the priority per accommodation;
8. Set the date on which the accommodation should be active;
9. Set per accommodation whether pets are allowed;
10. Determine which accommodation must be in/out of the rental;
11. Set the desired type From this overview you can also create an accommodation for another type;
12. If more than five accommodations need to be created, click on + 5 accommodations;
13. Click Save.

If the button + Add multiple is clicked, then five input fields for five new accommodations are automatically displayed. However, it is also possible to create less than five accommodations.

1. Enter the above information for the accommodation to be created;
2. Click on the trash icon to delete the other fields;
3. Click Save.

Import accommodations

From the type it is possible to import accommodations for the relevant type.  Please note, the accommodations must be in a CSV file.

1. Go to the tab Setup;
2. Click in the right submenu on Type;
3. Click on the type for which you want to create an accommodation;
4. Click on the tab Accommodations;
5. Click on Import new accommodations for this type;
6. Download the CSV file in step 1, fill in the spreadsheet and save it;
7. Import the CSV file in step 2;
8. Click Upload to import the accommodations.

Unique photos

Do you have one type, but are the accommodations unique? For example: you have one type of Luxury Chalet for 6 people, but one is country-styled and the other is modern-styled. Then you can add unique photos for the accommodations, which the guest sees when booking.

1. Go to the Layout tab;
2. In the right submenu, choose Accommodations;
3. Click on the desired accommodation;
4. Go to the Media tab;
5. Click on the input area to add images;
6. Optionally, show whether they are summer or winter photos by hovering your mouse over the photo. Based on the season the guest wants to stay in, these seasonal photos will be shown first.
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