Creating rentals

This article explains how to create and import rentals.

Before you can create a rental, you need to create a type first. For example:

  • Type: 4-person chalet
  • Rental: C1, C2 and C3

After creating a type, you can immediately add the associated rentals to this type.

Next to that, you can add new rentals via the submenu objects. In the follow-up screen, you then enter the details of the specific rental and check the facilities that apply to the rental.

Via the button +add multiple you can also add multiple rentals of different types at the same time. At first you only add the basic information per rental, after which the rentals will be created. Once the rentals have been created, you can edit the rentals.

Import objects

It is also possible to import all rentals per specific type at once.

The rentals should be in a CSV file by specific type. Fortunately, we have already prepared a setup for you! You can download this file by opening the tab rentals within the specific type and clicking on the button import new rentals for this type. You can then open the format by downloading the CSV file at step 1.

After you filled in and saved the format, you can import the CSV file and upload it at step 2. The rentals will then automatically be created, after which you can edit the rentals.


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