Guest labels

A guest label can quickly highlight characteristics or preferences of a guest. This allows you to easily store special information about your different guests. This article further explains how to label a guest and why this is useful.

Guest labels are for internal use only, so guests do not have the ability to view them.

Create new guest labels

New guest labels can be created at the organisation level via the labels submenu in the 'guests' tab. Here you can give the labels a name, emoji or symbol, and a colour. Similarly, you can also edit or archive existing labels.

Adding a guest label

You can add guest labels at administration and organisation level by clicking on the pen behind 'no labels' - or behind already assigned labels - for the guest in question. You can then add a label by entering the name or choosing one from the drop-down menu. This also allows you to add several labels at once.

Labels are ideal for differentiating between different guests so that you can tailor your service to their needs. For example, you can add the 'loyal guest' label for returning guests, or the 'blacklist' label for guests you would rather not welcome back to your park.

Label several guests at once

In the guest overview, it is possible to select several guests and then label them. It is possible to make a selection via the filters first. Then tick all the guests you want to add the label to.

Note! If you select all reservations via the top box, only the reservations on the 1st page will be selected. If you want to select all guests, click select all.

Then click the button Label. Choose the desired label and click Continue.

Guest labels and overviews

Besides the functionality of guest labels in displaying guest preferences and characteristics, you can also use guest labels to create overviews. For example, you can quickly export an overview of all loyal guests who have stayed more than three times or of all guests who have not fulfilled their payments.


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