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This article explains a guest card. A guest card is automatically created when a guest places a reservation. Has a guest stayed before? Then the new reservation is added to the existing guest card. 

1. Add documents to guest card
2. Create a new reservation
3. Edit/Delete Guest Details
4. Filter guests
5. Granting guests access to 'Customer portal'
6. Guest labels
7. Where do we match guests to?
8. Group bookings

Add documents to guest card

You can add documents such as a copy of an ID to the guest card.

1. Search the guest by using the General Search Field;

2. Open the guest card by clicking on the Name;
3. Click by Documents on + Add.

Create a new reservation

You can start a new reservation from the guest card. This is especially useful for entering longer arrangements. The guest details will then be automatically entered.

1. Search the guest via the General Search Field;
2. Open the guest by clicking on their name;

3. Click on + New Reservation to start a reservation immediately. You also have the option to make a reservation via the reservation form;
4. From here, create the reservation as you are used to. It will be automatically linked to the correct data. 

Edit/Delete Guest Details

Sometimes something needs to be changed in a guest card or the guest wants the guest card to be deleted.  

A guest card is automatically updated with the correct data based on the last reservation. For example: I used to live in Vlinderveld, but when I make a new reservation I move to Bloemendijk. My address in the guest card will then be automatically updated to the new address Bloemendijk. Does the guest ask you to edit information? Then you do that in a recent reservation with the pencil at the information of the booker.  Delete
Sometimes an owner wants a guest card removed. This is not possible, as you are required by law to keep financial information (such as that of reservations). What is possible, however, is to anonymize the guest. To do this, look up the guest and choose Personal data. 

Here you can anonymize the guest by clicking the Anonymize button.
Please note: you can only anonymize a guest in the concern dashboard. For this you need to have the manager rights.

Filter guests

You can filter guest data to, for example, create a promotion for guests who receive a newsletter or who have visited the park more than twice.

Granting guests access to 'Customer portal'

Guests can, if you have placed a widget on your site for this purpose, have direct access to their Customer portal. If you want to send the guest an access email directly, you can do this from the guest card.
1. Go to the Guests tab or search for the guest at the top right;
2. Click on the correct guest; 
3. Click on  Send access link to 'Customer Portal'.
If you want to have a look with the guest, you also have the possibility to imitate them.

Guest labels

You can create your own guest labels and link them to the right guest. The label is displayed in the Guest overview and in every reservation made by the guest. 
Creating a label
You create a guest label as follows.

1. Navigate to the Organization view. You can do this by clicking on the administration name at the top left of Booking Experts. Click on it;

2. Click on the Guests tab;
3. From the right-hand menu, choose Labels;
4. Click + New to create a new label.
Linking labels
You can link the labels to the desired guests. You can do this at the organization and administration level. 
1. At the appropriate level, navigate to the Guests tab;
2. Click on the name of the desired guest;

3. Behind the labels, click on the square with a pencil;

4. Link the appropriate label and Save.

Where do we match guests to?

We match guests on email address. An email address is unique. Does a guest have no email address? Then we match on the combination: first name, last name, address and zip code. Do you have two reservations for the same guest, linked to a separate guest card? Then you can make these data equal in the reservation so that this is merged as one guest.

Group bookings

For group bookings, a guest card is created only for the main booker. For the underlying guests, you can complete the guest card, if desired. You can read more information about this here

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