Benefits of machine translation

The importance of well-translated content on the website and in Booking Experts is growing. Tourism from abroad keeps growing. A large proportion of these visitors orientate and book online if the website is available in their own language. It is therefore important to speak your guest's language.

Booking Experts works with native speakers all over the world. These colleagues are (at least) bilingual, making them fluent in both languages. By translating content into English first, we can offer the translations to a large group of translators.

Some advantages of translating via our translators

  • Because we can check who is available within a large group of translators, a website can be translated within 24 hours;
  • We continuously check the website and Booking Experts for missing translations. If a translation is missing, the text is automatically forwarded to the translator. This means you never forget to translate texts again.
  • Our translators are so-called native speakers. This means that the translators are always bilingual: they speak fluent Dutch and fluent English, for example. This allows them to translate well and easily;
  • The translators rewrite sentences so that the text is easy to read in the foreign language. So not like an automatic translation machine: word-for-word translation. The text is viewed and written in its entirety so that it is also a good story for the foreign guest;
  • Invoicing per word, so you never pay more than is translated;
  • Finally, the translations are automatically placed in the right place in the system. So you don't have to put the translations back in the right place in Booking Experts yourself and this saves you a lot of extra work.

AI translations

It is also possible to order translations done via AI.

The advantages of this are that the costs are lower and you receive the translations faster.

Costs for translations via our translators are € 0.17 per word for most languages. Costs for AI translations are currently €0.08 per word.

Interested in translations? Read how to set up translations here.

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