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Collecting payments is part of the core business of your vacation park. Through Booking Experts this is mostly done automatically. It also happens that you want to check payments or book payments manually, for example when guests pay by bank transfer or at the cash desk. 

1. Overview of all payments
2. Online payment
3. Booking payment on one invoice
4. Booking payment on one reservation
5. Processing payment from overview of sent invoices
6. Import bank file: bulk payments
7. Rollback payment

Overview of all payments

In the  Payments overview you can find all booked payments received by the payment provider or added manually by an employee. These are shown for today by default. However, you can filter the payments per year, quarter, month, day and for a certain period. 

1. Click the tab Financial;
2. In the submenu on the right side, select Payments;
3. Filter (if desired) on the period, the payment method, the employee and/or the ledger account.

Online payment

At the bottom of every manually sent invoice you'll find the following statement:

A payment of  € _____ has to be paid before _____. We kindly request you to pay through an online payment by visiting and entering the following code _____. 

This is a unique code. At the end of the text you can add your own footer text.

When the guest uses the link, they will be able to use the unique code to make a payment online.

For the payment, the guest can use all the usual payment methods, chosen at the payment provider.

Booking payment on one invoice

There are several ways you can add a payment to an invoice. Here we explain how to add the payment on a specific invoice. 

1. Open the invoice to which you wish to write a payment;
2. On the right side, click   + Add Payment;

3. Enter the amount, indicate how you received the payment, select a cash register, indicate whether the guest should receive a payment received notification or not (for example, for receiving a payment through bank transfer), add (if desired) a note and create the payment.

Booking payment on one reservation

There are several ways to add a payment to a reservation. Here we explain how to add payment on a specific reservation, for example if the guest pays on arrival. 

1. Go to the relevant invoice at the bottom of the reservation;
2. Choose  + Add Payment.

Processing payment from overview of sent invoices

There are various ways to process a payment to an invoice. One of them is using the overview of sent invoices.

Follow the steps below to manually process a payment on an invoice. 

1. Select the   Financial tab;
2. Select   Sent invoices at the right submenu;
3. If you hover over the invoices with your mouse, you have the option to add a payment. Select  + Payment on the invoice where you want to process a payment;
4. Specify the amount, select how you received the payment (indicate, if applicable, the cash register through which the payment was received), check whether the customer should receive a notification of the payment (for example for receiving of a payment by bank transfer) and select  Create payment.

Import bank file: bulk payments

It is possible to import bank transactions in Booking Experts. We will match transactions that can be matched based on reference or amount. This is a module in Booking Experts, and is not turned on by default for every administration. If you want to use this service, you can let Booking Experts know via chat.

1. Go to the  Financial tab;
2. Select  Bank transactions in the submenu on the right;
Upload a bank transaction file in the CAMT.053-format. (Most banks support the CAMT.053-format, as well as the outdated MT940-format).

4. Open a transaction by  clicking on it;
5. Based on name, amount or reference, a  match will be made. If necessary, you can search for another invoice if the match is not made correctly;

6. Select the invoice that you would like to book the transaction to and select a payment method;

7. Click   Save and match to match the transaction to the invoice/invoices. If you don't want to match a transaction to an invoice, you can click ignore transaction.

All matched transactions, as well as ignored transactions, can be found on the  Handled tab. An ignored transaction can be used again by clicking on unignore transaction.

Rollback payment

It is possible that a payment was booked on an invoice that later turned out to be an error. In such cases, you want to be able to rollback the booked payment. You can always rollback a payment from an invoice or reservation in Booking Experts.

Online payment
You can do this by clicking the arrow symbol that can be found in each reservation by looking in the gray menu, directly underneath  Actions.

Cash/pin payment (POS)
Payments that have been made by using a payment method for the POS (cash/pin), cannot be rolled back, you have to correct this manually by choosing + Payment. You then enter a - (minus) amount and choose the same payment method as the original payment. 

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