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This article explains how to formulate questions after a reservation and where you can find them in the reservation.

You can set up questions that the guest needs to answer after they have made their reservation. This is useful if, for example, you need to know the guest's flight details and at what time they expect to arrive. You will see the answers in the reservation.

'Question after reservation' is a module within Booking Experts. Is this module not enabled in your administration? Then you can send an email to

Create new question

This is how you set up questions after a reservation:

  1. Click on the Gear icon;
  2. Select in the right submenu Question after reservation;
  3. Click on + New question;
  4. Select the kind of question you wish to ask. Enter the question and add a short explanation if necessary;
  5. Click on Add question.
Questions you can ask are, for example:
What time do you think you will arrive?
What is your flight number?
Do you want to book a car?

If a question has been set, it can be filled in immediately after the reservation is made. If the guest has not answered the question, he can receive a reminder up to 3 times. 'Question after reservation' includes the template Request to fill in question after reservation.

View question in reservation

If the question has been filled in by the guest, you will find the answer under the general details of the reservation. If you want to enter the answer for the guest in the backoffice, you can choose Answer questions. If you want to change the answer to the question, you can choose Answer questions again.

Group bookings

The main booker will receive the email to answer the question after booking. It can also happen that this does not happen. You then want to have the option in the backoffice to answer the questions. You do this as follows.
1. Open the desired booking;
2. Click on the right side on the desired underlying reservation;
3. Under Questionnaire, click Answer questions;
4. Click Save.  

Do you want to do this for several reservations? Then repeat these steps. 

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