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In this article you will read what accommodation tags include, how you create them and how you can use them on the website.

1. Types of accommodation tags
2. Creating accommodation tags
3. Editing accommodation tag
4. Deleting accommodation tag
5. Decide order accommodation tags
6. Highlighting and filtering tags on website
7. Tag with accommodation or type

Accommodation tags are tags that can be linked to an  accommodation or type. These are also the tags you can use to filter on the website.

Types of accommodation tags

Accommodation tags can be divided into 3 types.

  1. Yes/No: These accommodation tags can be checked at accommodation type and/or accommodations;
  2. Numerically: When choosing it's requested to indicate an amount. For example: Bedroom. This tag can be entered 1 times and then indicate the amount at each type;
  3. Multiple choice: At this tag you can give the multiple choice options. From this choice option you can make your choice when checking this tag. For example beds: choice option: single bed, double bed, etc.

Creating accommodation tags

You can create tags for accommodations or types yourself, you can decide for yourself per tag whether it should be used as a  filter option for the visitor. Next to that you can easily display grouped tags on the website.

1. Go to park settings via the gear icon;
2. In the right sub menu (at the bottom at concern settings), choose tab  Tags;
3. Choose  New;

4. Enter the name of the tag;
5. If applicable, you can enter the correct translations via the flags;
6. Indicate to which group the tag belongs;
7. Choose the 'type of tag';
8. Next, choose  Create tag.

Editing accommodation tag

An accommodation tag can be edited when you for example want to change the usage as filter or when you want to link it to another tag group.

1. Go to park settings via the  gear wheel;
2. At the right sub menu (at the bottom at Organization settings), choose  tags;
3. Click on the name of the tag you wish to amend;

4. Edit the tag;
5. Then, choose  Update tag.

Deleting accommodation tag

An accommodation tag can be deleted in case you do not want to use it anymore. 

1. Go to park settings via the  gear wheel;
2. In the right sub menu (at the bottom at Organization settings), choose  tags;
3. Click on the name of the tag you want to delete;
4. Click on  Delete to delete the tag.

Decide order accommodation tags

You can decide the order in which the accommodation tags are being displayed.

1. Go to park settings via the  gear wheel icon;
2. In the right submenu (at the bottom at Organization settings), choose  tags;
3. Via the icon on the left side you can change the position of the tag.

Highlighting and filtering Unique selling points on website

When you use both Booking Experts and ParkCMS, you can highlight additional tags in Search and Book and select tags that you want to use as a filter option.
In Booking Experts you can add up to 5 unique selling points to the type. In order to realise this on your website, you need to take the following steps. 
1. Go to the 'Setup' tab;
2. Choose 'Types' in the right submenu and click 'Edit';
3. Add up to 5 unique features under 'Unique selling points';
4. Click the 'Save type' button at the bottom of the page; 
5. Ask the support team if they would like to enable the option 'Show Unique selling points of accommodation in search results' for you.  
Now your Unique selling points will appear in the Search & Book results. 
Please note: in the Search & Book the maximum number of Unique selling points is different, namely 3. 

Set on type level:

1. Choose 'Types' from the left menu and select the type;
2. On the page of your type, add a 'Snippet' (at the desired location);
3. Under 'Snippet', select the 'Unique selling points';

4. Next, you will find the 5(!) Unique selling points you have added in Booking Experts at the chosen location in your page type.

Tag with accommodation or type

When  all underlying accommodations of a type have similar tags, you can enter those with the type. Tags that distinguish one accommodation from other accommodations you enter at the accommodation.

All accommodations of type A have a bathtub. Dit tag you enter with the type. From all accommodations of that same type you only have 2 accommodations that have a separate shower. This tag you enter with the accommodation.

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