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In this support article you will read what you can setup at other concern settings.

1. Determining composition group age
2. Displaying holidays on website
3. Social Media, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

In Other concern settings, you can control certain issues concern wide such as for example the ages of the various categories, the display of public holidays on the website etc.

The other concern settings can be found by:
1. Going to the park settings through the Gear icon;
2. Clicking on Other Organization settings in the right submenu (at the bottom).

Determining composition group age

For each age category, you can decide what ages should be categorized in this group. The groups consist of:

  • Seniors;
  • Adults;
  • Youth;
  • Children;
  • Babies.
The ages will also be displayed in the search and book where the guest enters the guests.
lleeftijden zoek en boek

Displaying holidays on website

Attention: this is only applicable if you use the CMS next to BookingExperts.

Fixed holidays can be displayed in the search and book at your front office. Visitors get the opportunity to see the availability around a certain holiday, for example Easter, Christmas, etc. For each holiday you can decide if it should be visible at the front office or not.


Display front office:


Social Media, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

In Booking Experts you can manage the links of Google Analytics, Google tag manager and Social Media yourself.

social media
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