Park tag groups

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In this article you can read what park tag groups are, and how you create these and link them to the administration.

1. Create park tag groups
2. Create park tags
3. Link park tags to administration

Do you have a concern with multiple administrations? Then you possibly also want to be able to filter by tags of the park next to searching for accommodation features. For example, features such as an outdoor swimming pool, animation etc.

For this you can create several tag groups.

Create park tag groups

1. Go via the gear icon to the administration settings;
2. Click in the sub menu on the right on Park tag groups;
3. Click New;

Create feature group

4. Enter the name of this tag group and click Create tag group.

Create park tags

With creating new tags you can now also link these to a park related tag group.

Link park tags to administration

When you have created park tags you can determine at other administration settings which tags apply to this administration.

1. Go via the Wheel icon to the park settings;
2. Choose Other administration settings in the submenu on the right;
3. Select the desired features at Tags for this organization.

Select feature

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