Create a VAT rate

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In Booking Experts, you can create the VAT rates used by your organization and select them as the default rate. You can also link the VAT rates to different products or services and make changes.

1. Create VAT rate
2. Check on VAT rates

By default, Booking Experts uses two VAT rates, the high rate, and the low rate. For the Netherlands, this is 21% and 9%.

Create VAT rate

To create a new VAT rate you need to do the following steps:

1. Go to the tab Financial;
2. In the right submenu, select VAT;
3. Select the tab VAT tariffs;
4. Click on New;
5. Fill in all data;
6. Click on Add VAT rate to save.

Check on VAT rates

The VAT rate is linked to a general ledger account. As an accountant and accountant you can check in one place whether all general ledger accounts are booked at the correct VAT rate. You do this as follows:
1. Go to the Financial tab;
2. Select Ledger accounts in the right-hand submenu.

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