Trial balance

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The trial balance consists of three parts:

  1. Opening balance sheet - state of affairs per January 1 of the current year.
  2. Balance sheet - indicates a total of the debit- and credit bookings per ledger account.
  3. Trial balance - this is a netted trial balance. When the debit total is higher than the credit total (in the trial balance), it is netted to the debit side. If the credit total is higher, it is netted to the credit side.
Trial balance

Uncategorized returns, costs and payments

When no ledger account is defined for an invoice line or payment method, the journal entries will be booked to uncategorized accounts.

It is important to connect all invoice lines and payment methods to a ledger account. You want to transfer bookings that have ended up on uncategorized accounts before copying the bookings to your financial administration. 

If any bookings end up on uncategorized accounts these will be especially noticeable because they will be colored yellow. 

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