Integrating with financial administration

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In this support article you will read how to integrate Booking Experts with your financial administration.

To have good financial insight it is important to integrate with your financial administration. Before integrating, we advise you to clear all uncategorized accounts.

1. Manual general journal entries
2. Export / import
3. Automated linking

Manual general journal entries

We advise to manually perform general journal entries, especially initially when you want to know exactly what is happening within the administration.

  • Use the trial balance;
  • You can choose whether to copy the totals every month / quarter;
  • Create an entry per ledger account and copy the mutations (debit, credit).

Export / import

Most accounting packages offer the possibility to import totals per ledger account.

  • Below the trial balance page you will find the option to export the data;
  • You can often import this export directly into your accounting package.

Automated linking

Booking Experts is currently linked to Exact Online and Twinfield through a journal entry per month. We can deviate from this and synchronize a journal entry per day or operate the link manually. However: it is recommended to work with a journal entry per month. Fewer bookings in your accounting means less chance of errors.

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