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This article provides an explanation of how the link with heerlijkehuisjes.nl can be established.

1. Establish a link
2. Park ID number
3. API-key
4. Type ID number
5. Synchronization

Establish a link

In order to establish a link with heerlijkhuisjes.nl, they need the park ID number and the API key. In addition, they need the type ID number of the types to be linked.

Park ID number

The park ID number is in the URL of Booking Experts (see the image below).


Each channel has its own unique API key. With this API key, a channel can communicate with Booking Experts.

1. Go to Administration settings via the gear wheel at the top right;
2. Select Channels in the right submenu;
3. If heerlijkehuisjes.nl has not yet been created as a channel, you can create it by clicking New. Is heerlijkehuisjes.nl already known? Then click on the name of the channel;

4. Go to the Overview tab;
5. Pass the API-key on heerlijkeHuisjes.nl.

Type ID number

The overview of the accommodation types shows the ID number of the type. Heerlijkehuisjes.nl need these numbers to be able to link with Bookingexperts.nl. Provide the ID numbers to be linked. 

1. Go to the Setup tab;
2. In the right submenu, choose Types;
3. In the overview you will find the ID numbers per type.


Heerlijkehuisjes.nl synchronizes the prices every two hours and the additional costs once a day. Heerlijke Huisjes synchronizes the rental price, optional additional costs and mandatory costs. The types are retrieved via the API link and they are stored in their database. The additional costs are collected via the API at both park- and house level and stored in their database. In addition, heerlijkehuisjes.nl takes into account the arrival and departure generator.

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