Creating report

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Statistics can be added to a report. This report can be printed or converted into a CSV file.

1. Creating report
2. Relative report
3. Edit/print report

Creating report

To create a report:

1. Go to the  Statistics tab;
2. Select  Report in the submenu on the right;
3. Click  Add statistic.


When you want to add a selection to a report, select  Add to Report at the bottom of the screen.

Please note! You will only add the statistics based on the provided selection. The date and/or day to which the report applies is selected while generating the report.

If you choose  Reports again in the submenu on the right side, it will display the selection you have just added. By dragging the statistics, you an adjust the layout. If you want to delete a report, click on the trash icon.


Relative rapport

You can create relative reports. You can create a link for a certain period in the past, such as yesterday, and open this link in the present, for example tomorrow. This link is reusable. It is useful to share this link with your colleagues, so that they can view the statistics for a certain period.

1. Go to  Statistics;
2. Click on  Report;
3. Select a period;

Relative report

4. Click  Copy URL.

Relative report

Edit/print raport

Clicking the  Edit button will take you back to the overview of added statistics and will allow you to choose to add, edit or remove statistics. It is also possible to print the report. 

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