Create invoice items to merge rent and costs on the invoice

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You can merge costs on an invoice item. This way you can display costs bundled on the invoice to the guest, but keep them separated in the back office.

For instance:
- Merge all costs that are marked as  Rent into 1 invoice item;
- Merge all  Mandatory costs into 1 invoice item.

In order to realize this, a new invoice rule must be created. 

1. Creating invoice rules
2. Adding cost to invoice rule
3. Invoice back office
4. Invoice customer
5. Discount not visible on invoice customer
6. Commission not visible on the rent settlement

Creating invoice rules

1. Go to the  Financial tab;
2. Select  Invoice rules in the submenu on the right;
3. Click  New invoice rule;

Create invoice line

4. Give the invoice rule a name and a description;
5. Indicate, by turning the check mark on or off, if you want the guest to see the content of the invoice rule at  Show costs that are part of this rule;
6. Click  Create invoice rule.

Create invoice line

Adding cost to invoice rule

Follow the steps below to add a cost to an invoice rule. 

1. Go to the  Setup tab;
2. Select  Costs in the submenu on the right;
3. Click  Edit for the cost that you want to add to an invoice rule. A new cost can also be created;

Merge cost invoice line

4. Select the invoice rule to which you want to add the cost at the heading  Item of invoice rule. Save the changes.

Merge cost on invoice line

Invoice back office

The costs that are attached to an invoice rule are labeled in the back office. These are shown separately, but it's still clear that they are attached to an invoice rule.

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Invoice customer

The customer only sees the name of the bundled invoice rule and not the "separate" parts as we see them in the back office. Note: Make sure that the VAT percentage is the same for all cost items, otherwise it will not fall under one display rule.

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Discount not visible on guest invoice

I have created a discount but the guest does not see a discount on the invoice. How is that possible?
In that case you have created an invoice rule in which everything that is characterized as 'rent' is merged on the invoice. You can easily see this from the yellow bar in the invoice where 'Rent' is. Since discount is also rent, it is merged on the invoice to the guest, who can only see the total amount on the invoice.

invoice lines

Commission not visible on the rent settlement

The commission is not visible on the rent settlement. How can I make it visible?

1. Go to the Organization settings (gear icon in the top right corner);
2. Choose in the menu on the right  Templates;
3. Choose at the top  Invoice templates;
4. Click on  Edit at the end of the desired template;
5. Un-check:  Invoice rules groupings.

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