Making a settlement

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In this support article you will read how to make settlement for owners.

For each period set by the commission appointment, settlements to the owner will be prepared. In order to be able to invoice this to the owner, a settlement must first be made of the period for the accommodation(s) concerned. If set correctly, these periods will automatically come forward to settle the bill. You can find these "expected settlements" in the submenu of the same name. After all the settlements have been made, you can create a concept rental settlement that you can send to the owner.

Expected settlements

1. Click on Owners;
2. Click in the right submenu on Expected settlements.

This overview shows all the expected periodic settlements. In addition, the group settlements are also displayed if you use this. From this overview you can make the payment by selecting them. It is also possible to make settlements in bulk.

You can also use various filters in the expected settlement of accounts to specify your search result. You can read more about this in the support article 'Action concept invoice

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