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In this support article you will read how to copy the current settlements with owners.

If a settlement has already been sent, it is no longer possible to adjust this settlement. If you want to make a correction invoice, you will first have to copy the current rental statement. It is then possible to make a correction to the copied rental statement. A correction invoice can be made, for example, when a reservation is adjusted after the rental settlement has been made.

1. Go to the tab Owners;
2. Click on Settlements in the right submenu;
3. Use the filters if desired;
4. Choose the Copy action;
5. Select the rental settlement that you want to copy;
6. Click on Start.

It is then possible to make a concept correction invoice.

The copied rental settlement will be converted into a correction invoice.

To send the correction concept invoice you have to click on the invoice number. Invoice will be converted into a correction invoice.

When you return to the overview of this settlement, you will see that the status Concept has been changed to Sent. Please note, the current settlement is the corrected settlement.

When a new settlement has been made, what was on the old settlement will be transferred to the new settlement. The new change will immediately be reflected in the new settlement.

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