Create or modify owner

In this support article you will read how to create owners or modify the information of owners in Booking Experts.

Owners can be created individually, or if you are first starting out with Booking Experts, you can also import owner details all at once.

Create individual owners

1. Go to the Owners tab;
2. Then click New owner;

Create owner

3. Enter the details asked;
4. Set owner to Active if you want to enable the owner to log in and if you wish to send invoices to the owner.


Importing owners

1. Go to the Owners tab;
2. In the submenu on the right, select Owners;
3. At the bottom of the screen, select Import;
4. Follow the import steps.

Import owners
Import Owners

You can always edit owner details. You can also archive or activate owners. You can also easily upload documents that are crucial for the owners to store, such as a signed contract.

Adding new owner to accommodation

It is possible that you change the owners at a property in the middle of the year. Is the new owner not yet in your system? At first you have to create a new owner. We explain over here how you can create an owner. Then you can link the new owner to the accommodation. This is done as follows:

1. Go to the correct accommodation and then click on the 'Owners' tab;
2. Then select '+ New agreement'. See screenshot below;

3. You will make this agreement start on the date of the transfer and select the owner you already created

4. Go through the steps for this owner as you wish and create the agreement at the bottom of the page. Then you will see back that you have created the new owner.

Modify owner throughout the year

It's possible that you sell an accommodation to a new owner in the middle of the year. The annual costs are often already settled by the notary, and because of this you need to add a new agreement from the transfer date and settle the payment that has already been made.

Because of already created invoices it's possible that you get an error notification during this process, in this error notification the invoices that are blocking the modification will be displayed.

Error message

In order to do so afterwards, you'll have to follow these steps:

1. Open the blocking invoice(s) in a new tab;
2. Credit the settlement and send it manually afterwards;

Creating a credit invoice

3. The original periodic invoice now displays an open amount which must be payed back, hold off on this for now;

Open costs on invoice

4. Enter the new owner's agreement starting at the transfer date;

New owner added

5. Until the transfer date, create a new invoice for the old owner and send it manually;

Old owner

6. Settle the costs on this periodic invoice with the open credit invoice;


7. Starting from the transfer date, create a new periodic invoice for the new owner until the end of the year and send it manually;

New owner periodic invoice
Periodic invoice

8. Book a negative payment on the periodic invoice you credited at step 2, select a payment method you prefer;

Book invoice payment
Add payment

9. This amount should match the amount that's open on the new owner's periodic invoice;

Book payment

10. Book the payment on this invoice using the same payment method used at step 8;

Add payment

11. The invoices are now settled, and the new owner won't have to pay anything anymore.

Change owner's email address

It can be that your owner has a different email address and you need to change it. This is not a problem, you do this as follows.
1. Go to the Owners tab;
2. Choose the corresponding owner;
3. Scroll down and choose the pencil icon next to the title Linked users;
4. First, unlink the current user;
5. Then choose ' + Link a user' and add the new or different email address. 
Now you have linked and added the new email address to a new user. Your owner will remain and everything is now set correctly. The new email address will also immediately receive an email with the invitation to log in. 

Adding multiple owners

The above steps can also be used when using multiple owners. In this way you don't have to delete the current linked user but you can leave it as it is and add multiple users who can log in as this owner. This often happens with couples where they both want to keep track of how the accommodation(s) is doing and want to see invoices and statements for example.

1. Go to the Owners tab;
2. Select the relevant owner;
3. Scroll down and choose the pencil icon next to the title Linked Users;
4. Choose only '+ Link a user'.
Now you have linked and added the new email address to a new user. The new email address will also immediately receive an email inviting you to log in.
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