Processing 'expected rent settlement' rent settlements

In this article you can read how to make a rental statement, either individually or in bulk.

Individual rental settlement

Each period an owner is to receive a rent settlement, it will be displayed in the Expected Rent Settlement overview.

1. Go to the Owners tab;
2. In the submenu on the right, select Expected Rent Settlement;
3. Click on the left side on Invoice.

Expected rent settlement

Create rental settlements in bulk

If there are several settlements that can be made over the same period, you can also choose to create these in bulk.
It is also possible to filter appointments by commission agreement and/or by labels that are linked to an accommodation. By choosing a reference date you can also make settlements in the future.
  1. Go to the Owners tab;
  2. Select Expected Rental Settlement in the right-hand submenu;
  3. From here you can make the settlement per item;
  4. Or click on the arrow for Suggested periods to invoice to make bulk invoices;

5. Click on Make settlements;
6. The status bar indicates the progression. You can also see which settlements have been made;


7. When all invoices have been created you have the option to proceed to the concept invoices to send them. Click concept invoices;

rent settlement to concept invoices

8. We advise you to always verify the invoices before sending them;
9. Click Send all by email to send the invoices and verify the invoices one last time and then click I'm sure, send all invoices!

sending out concept invoices

Allow new owner's invoices to run at the same time

You always send the rent settlement per month, at the end date of the month. Now, a new owner is created who has a commission appointment per month starting on 18-01. In the overview you will see a group with 1 rent settlement for the period 18-01-2019 until 17-02-2019. You would like it to run parallel to the other settlements, namely on the last day of the month. You can then adjust the end date of the rent settlement to 31-01-2019. The owner then settles once half a month. From February, the owner will receive the settlement on every last day of the month.

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