Privacy - Guest's right of insight

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According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a guest has the right to request access to his or her data.  Does a guest request access to the data that you have processed about him/her? If so, you must show the guest everything you have processed about him/her. 

To make this easy for you as an organization to understand, we have added a feature to the guest card that allows you to download all information about a guest. 
1. Search for the guest using the search field at the top right;
2. Open the guest card by clicking on the name of the guest with the booklet in front of it or open the reservation and from there click on the name of the guest;
3. Click on the button Personal data;
4. Here you can export all the information of a guest, as far as this information can be found in Booking Experts. 
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