Creating a backup

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In this support article you will read how to make a backup of Booking Experts.

1. Automatic daily backups
2. Creating a backup yourself

Your Booking Experts administration is full of important information. You do not want to lose this. There is a minimum data retention requirement of 7 years for financial information. The retention requirement also applies if your company is terminated during this period. It is therefore logical for you to want to secure your data.

Automatic daily backups

We make an automated backup of your data every day. This backup is saved onto multiple physical locations.

We do everything we can to secure and retain these backups as well as possible.

Creating a backup yourself

All data can be exported from Booking Experts by making use of the "export" functions. These are at the bottom of an overview page.


You can find retrieve the essential financial data via:

  • Financial > Sent invoices > Export invoice rules
  • Financial > Payments > Export

You can retrieve other important data under:

  • Owners
  • Guests
  • Reservations
  • Design > Accommodations > (export design)
  • Design > Accommodations > (export agreements)
  • Design > Meter readings
  • Tasks
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