Priority for rent

🇳🇱 Nederlandse vertaling

Per accommodation you can decide the rent priority. You can choose from:

- High;
- Average;
- Low.

When making a reservation on a certain accommodation type and there are multiple accommodations available, this is determinative for the choice the system makes for making a reservation. Accommodation with a high priority come before accommodations with an average priority. If there are no accommodations with a high priority, average comes before low.

Next to this, turnover is a factor. If there are more accommodations with high priority, within this category it will be looked at which accommodations have the lowest turnover (looking to a year in advance and 6 months back).

Is an accommodation new for rent or is there a new setup? Then that is seen as 0 point. You will then notice that most reservations are placed on this accommodation in order to equalize in rental income with the other accommodations that fall under that type.

1. Go to the accommodation to set the priority;
2. Click  Edit to change the priority;

Edit accommodation

3. Under  priority you can set which rental priority this accommodation should get;
4. Then click  Save accommodation to save the change.

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