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This article explains how coupons work through the back office and website.

1. Create promotion with coupon code
2. Create package with coupon code
3. Booking on website with coupon code
4. Documentation of coupon use during reservation
5. Coupons through back office

You can use a coupon to get a discount on, for instance, a promotion or a package. A coupon can only be used by a guest who also has a coupon code.

Create promotion with coupon code

When you have created a promotion you can link this with an existing promotion or create a new promotion.

1. Go to the Setup tab and click on Campaigns in case no campaign was started yet, create a new campaign;
2. Click on New at the Actions tab to create a new promotion, or click on Edit if you want to link an existing promotion to the coupon code. (NB. Coupons can only be used with the complex price list);
3. At Coupon, create the coupon you want to link with the promotion.

How do you create a coupon code? You can do this by typing the code into the input field and pressing enter.

Create package with coupon code

You can create a package with a coupon code. For this, you may only use the no discount on rent package. If a package has a coupon code you will not find this under "Extra's", like with the normal procedure for a package.

By linking a package to a coupon code you could give a discount on expenses.

1. Go to the Packages tab and choose New -> Without discount on ren;
2. At Coupon you can select the applicable coupon code;
3. At Expenses you can select the expenses you want the discount to be applicable to.

Booking on website with coupon code

While booking, the guest can enter one or more coupon codes. These coupon codes could be applicable to a discount, a package, or both in case the coupon is linked to a promotion and a package. At the end of the booking procedure, a field is shown where a coupon code can be entered for this reservation. If the guest enters a coupon code here, this will be directly applied to the reservation.

Documentation of coupon use during reservation

When a coupon code is used during the reservation, you will find this in the reservation overview.

If a discount is applied to the invoice through a coupon code, this will be shown on the invoice.

Coupons through back office

If you connect a coupon for example to a discount promotion that applies to the back office and personal website bookings, then the discount is automatically applied to all back office bookings that fulfill the other requirements (such as the correct period). To do so, you do not need to enter the coupon code in the back office. Entering the coupon code is only a requirement for website bookings.

If you make a booking and do not want the coupon discount calculated, then you can delete the discount from the invoice as long as the invoice is in concepts. You can do this by clicking on the trash can behind the invoice line of the coupon code.

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