Task planning

With the task planning within Booking Experts, you have the possibility to distribute various (not yet) scheduled tasks to the different Executors.

The task planning can be found at the overview of tasks and from the different Todo lists. Click here.

Filtering on unassigned tasks

To-dos are displayed in chronological order by default. You can also filter on a specific period. You can either enter the period yourself or use the default filters.

Via the search bar find a task, you can search by task ID number, task name or type/object. Useful if, for example, you want to assign all tasks 'making beds' to an executor at the same time.

If a task in question is always for the same Executor, you can set this in advance in the automatic task, so it will always appear on his work list and you no longer need to assign it.

Filtering on already assigned tasks

You can also filter on tasks already assigned. You can do this via the search bar above the Executors. Here, you can search by description, object, or the term 'today' for today's tasks. The tasks that match your search will then be highlighted for the relevant Executors.

Assign tasks

In the task planning, you can assign tasks to an executor. This can be done per task or for several tasks at once. To assign one task, drag and drop the task to the operator. To assign multiple tasks, select the tasks concerned or select all tasks. Then select the executor and click assign.

Within the task planning you can also conveniently switch between the different task lists.

Create a new task in the task planning

You can also create a new task in the task planning. To do so, click on the plus icon next to the relevant Executor.

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