Creating cluster types

Cluster types are specific rentals that are offered combined, for example semi-detached houses. You want to be able to offer them both separately as well as together. In this article, you can read how to create cluster types and what the consequences are for your reservations.

Before you start creating cluster types, we recommend you to look at making group bookings, since this is the easiest way to process group reservations.

Creating a cluster type

In the submenu cluster types, you can create a new cluster type. The information that needs to be filled in is the same as the information that needs to be filled in when creating a type. Once you have created the cluster type, you can add clusters to this cluster type.

If you, for example, have six semi-detached 8-person houses for rent, you can create one cluster type: 'semi-detached 8-person houses'. Afterwards, you can create a cluster for each of the six semi-detached houses, to which you add the two belonging rentals.

After creating the cluster type and its clusters, you have to take the following steps:

  1. Upload images
  2. Specify prices
  3. Create rentals

Per cluster belonging to a cluster type, you need to add a so-called 'virtual rental'. The reservations will then be made on this virtual rental and the underlying rentals will be blocked.

You can upload new images per cluster type, or use the same images that you use for the different types/rentals. We recommend you to use a mix of images of the rentals that belong to the cluster type. Try to leave out as much amenities that could differ per rental.


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